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Nauru is an island republic in Oceania located in the southern Pacific Ocean, south of the Marshall Islands. It is one of the world's smallest independent states, both in terms of population (13,048 inhabitants in 2005) as the surface (21.30 km2) and is the smallest republic and sparsely populated there. Also, is the smallest country outside Europe. LLA before fertile, full of coconut and palm plantations of taro, the elite was a source of income in the phosphate mining that began in the nineteenth century. Prosperity came to the large amount of phosphate deposits of marine origin that was on the island. Phosphates are used as fertilizer around the world and most were exported to Australia. Having exhausted all the phosphates, which were extracted areas remain in degraded areas, full of limestone needles, very difficult recovery. Nauru faces an uncertain future. In the 1990s, tried to get new revenue positing itself as a tax haven, but that ended in July 2004.

In Nauru you can visit cities like Nauru, Nauru or Nauru
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