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Tourist and travel guide of Naples

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In Naples you can visit places like Porticciolo, Chiesa Santa Caterina a Formiello, Villa Floridiana & Museo Nazionale della Ceramica Duca di Martina or Naples
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Naples (Naples Napule, Napoli in Italian) is the largest city in southern Italy, capital of the Campania region and the province of Naples. The administrative Naples has just under 1 million inhabitants, together with those of the metropolitan area, rising to 4.4 million. Its inhabitants are the gentile Neapolitans. Located halfway between Mount Vesuvius and other volcanic area, the Phlegrean Fields. It has a rich historical, artistic, cultural and gastronomic, which led UNESCO to declare its historic center a World Heritage Site. Greeks, Romans, Normans and Spanish have left their mark on the city. The hand of the past, the city was the political center of the Bourbon kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In the twentieth century, first under fascism and the reconstruction following the Second World War built much of the periphery. In recent decades, Naples has adopted a commercial area with skyscrapers and infrastructure such as the TGV to Rome or metro network expansion. Moreover, also beset big problems like organized crime, very present in the lives of its inhabitants and constitutes an obstacle to economic and social development, or otherwise, the telluric forces: the city has suffered major earthquakes and Volcanic activity is constantly monitored. Naples was built a few miles from an existing city, "Partenope" or "Palépolis" (old city). Parthenope in Greek mythology was the youngest of the three sirens from the rocks of Capri tried to seduce with song Odysseus, who was attached to the mast thereby achieving one of the few mortals to enjoy the beautiful songs without drowning after. The siren, desperate, choked with grief and his body came ashore in the old city. The Greek colonists however, preferred a nearby area they christened Νέα Πόλις or Νεάπολη (pronounced Nea Polis), the new city. Later the term came to rule Napule Neapolitan and Italian Napoli.
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