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Hard to imagine how the German settlers in Namibia could deal with unlimited space, vast deserts and annual quota of three hundred days of sunshine, in fact, these features are the main attraction of one of the most fascinating destinations in Africa. Situated between the Kalahari desert and the cold South Atlantic, the charms of this nation are well known in neighboring South Africa, not by Western citizens, whose discovery of its deserts, seascapes, forests and immense space has been delayed until dates more recent. Endowed with rich natural resources, a solid modern infrastructure and a diverse mix of traditional cultures, Namibia stands out as a beautiful country with great potential.

In Namibia you can visit cities like Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon National Park, Lüderitz or Windhoek
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The Republic of Namibia (Republic of Namibia in English, German Republik Namibia in Namibia will Republiek Afrikaans) is a country in southwestern Africa that occupies the territory of what was known until the 1960's as South West Africa, bordered to north by Angola, Zambia to the northeast, the west by the Atlantic Ocean, east by Botswana, and southeast and south by south Africa. Its capital and largest city is Windhoek. The first Human occupations due to the Nama and San. Later several groups from North Africa settled in the territory. The Europeans arrived in considerable numbers during the second half of the nineteenth century the coasts of Namibia were explored by the Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias in 1486, but the aridity of the area did not encourage its colonization at the time. Namibia's recent history begins in January 1793, when Walvis Bay is claimed by the Dutch. In 1878, the annexation of the colony of the Cape of Good Hope Dutch by the British, the port becomes part of its territory.
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