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Tourist and travel guide of Nagasaki

  • Population: 410207

In Nagasaki you can visit places like Nagasaki Museum of History & Folklore, Dutch Slopes, Dejima Wharf or Nagasaki
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Nagasaki (Nagasaki-shi 长崎 市?) Is the capital and largest city of Nagasaki prefecture, located on the southwest coast of Kyushu in Japan. By 2003 the city had an estimated population of 418,901 inhabitants and a density of 1,736.74 people per km2. Its total area is 241.20 km2. Founded in 1571 by Portuguese navigators. Originally a minor port town until the arrival of Portuguese explorers in the mid-sixteenth century, when a Portuguese ship accidentally ran aground on the Tanegashima in 1543. The Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier arrived in another part of the territory in 1549, making several daimyo (feudal lords).
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Historical Museum of China
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Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture
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Dejima Museum
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