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Tourist and travel guide of Mystic

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In Mystic you can visit places like Mystic Aquarium, Henry B duPont Preservation Shipyard, Mystic Seaport Museum or Mystic
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Mysticism (from the Greek verb myein, "circle", where mystikos, "closed, arcane or mysterious") designate a kind of experience difficult to achieve when you reach the maximum degree of binding of the human soul at the Sacred earthly existence. It occurs in the monotheistic religions (Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam) as well as some polytheistic (Hindu), something similar is also shown in religions are rather philosophies such as Buddhism, which is identified with a maximum degree of perfection and knowledge. According to theology, mysticism differs from asceticism in which it exercises the human spirit to perfection, by way of a propaedeutic for mysticism in two ways or methods, the purgative and illuminative, while the mystic, the which can access only a few, added a soul perfected by grace or by ascetic exercise experience direct and momentary union with God which can only be achieved by the unitive way, through a kind of experiences called visions or mystical ecstasy of which are themselves a fullness and knowledge such that they are repeatedly characterized as ineffable by those who access it. Mysticism is generally related to holiness, and in the case of Christianity may be accompanied by physical manifestations called supernatural miracles, such as those discussed stigma and parapsychological phenomena of bilocation and ESP, among others. By extension, mysticism also designates the set of literary works written on this type of spiritual experience in any of the religions that have writing.
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Mystic Seaport Museum
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Olde Mistick Village
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Henry B duPont Preservation Shipyard
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Mystic Aquarium
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