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Travel to Myanmar/Burma

Myanmar (formerly Burma) has suffered for more than half a century the yoke of dictatorships, military governments, rebel factions and powerful drug traffickers. Successive dictators have tried unsuccessfully to stifle any notion of democracy by arresting all the members of parliaments, imprisoning the Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, brutally repressing any opposition voice and using forced labor to try to lift a weak economy. But the world's pariah status of Myanmar has become an increasing problem as the country tries to reach the century and to leave their isolation and their socialist tendencies in favor of economic pragmatism. The military junta in the government is trying to simultaneously request for foreign investment with maintaining his iron grip on power, and the struggle between the revolutionary ardor of the cause and the struggle for daily bread. Myanmar is not far from one of the most easy or comfortable to visit in Asia, but offers wonderful scenery and the people are incredibly friendly, also allows a visit to witness the operation of a grotesque regime, inept and Orwellian this nation remains isolated from the rest of the world. Due to government efforts to prevent foreign influence, Myanmar is one of the world's countries with less Western influence. Many people allow themselves to be blinded by the picturesque, but do not forget the political realities that created this situation.

In Myanmar/Burma you can visit cities like Myanmar/Burma, Yangon (Rangoon) or Yangon (Rangoon)
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Burma, which extends from the Himalayan reaches north to the Malay Peninsula to the south, opens to the west over the Bay of Bengal, whose coastline is dominated by the nearby mountains of Arakan. The mountainous terrain culminates at its northern end, with the maximum height at the peak Hkakabo Razi (5967 m) in the mountains Gaoligong. There are many extinct volcanoes. The mountain ranges, arranged from north to south, isolated plains watered by the river Chindwin, Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy), Sittang and Salween. Another major river that passes through this country the Mekong. The climate is variable, with hot tropical predominance, with an average temperature of 25 ° C. The summer monsoon hits hard and causes abundant rainfall.
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