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Tourist and travel guide of Munich

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  • Population: 1246133

In Munich you can visit places like St Peterskirche, Haus der Kunst, Damenstiftskirche or Munich
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Munich (Spanish pronunciation: [mu.nik] or ['mu.nitʃ], 2 in Germany, Munich [mʏnçən] (· i) or RPE in Bavarian dialect) is the capital and largest city of Bavaria and 3 after Berlin and Hamburg, Germany's third largest city by population. The Spanish exonym in the city, which has the distinction of having a 'ch' at the end, something alien to the Spanish phonological system comes from the French and English exonym. Therefore, the pronunciation of exonym is, etymologically, [Munik], through the pronunciation of the English exonym, or ['munitʃ], following the usual rules of pronunciation of Spanish. The adjective is "Munich" and its plural, "Munich." The Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubts discouraged diphthong pronunciation with [miunik], typical of inglés.5 After a fire, the city was rebuilt by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. During the Thirty Years War, King of Sweden took the city.
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