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Tourist and travel guide of Montréal

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Montreal is a city in the Quebec region of Canada giving it a unique feel of being both French and English in nature although French is the official language of the city. As the seventh largest city in Northern America and second in Canada it has a high population and strong economy, it is in fact one of the economic hubs of the world. Not only is it culturally strong but also has a big technological industry, being a target for many in the industry as a place to work, it also recently was named as a UNESCO City of Design. It is also known as a destination for both television and film companies for filming.

In Montréal you can visit places like Musée de Lachine, Parc du Portugal, Biosphère or Montréal
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Montreal (Montréal11 in the spelling of the city official in French, pronounced / mɒ.ʀe.al / Canadian English / ˌ mʌn.tɹiɒ ː l /) is the largest city in the province of Quebec, Canada, the second most populous , 12 and the second most populous French-speaking city world.13 14 is also an administrative region of Quebec. It is situated on the island of the same name in the St. Lawrence River and Rivière des Prairies. It is a major industrial, commercial and cultural America. Montreal has the fourth largest French-speaking population in the world, behind Paris, Kinshasa and Abidjan. However, Montreal also has considerable Anglophone community, 15 and a growing number of people whose mother tongue is neither French nor English. The word "Montreal" is the archaic version in Old French, Mont-Royal (when "royal" was said and written "real" without an accent, as in Castilian), a mountain located in the city, in the center of the isla.16 17 Montreal is one of the most important cultural centers of Canada, as it hosts several national and international events. Among them we can cite the Festival Juste pour Rire, one of the biggest festivals of humor in the world, the Montreal Jazz Festival, one of the largest jazz festivals in the world, and the Grand Prix de Montréal. The city, overall, hosts over 70 international events a year. With all these events, along with its old center.
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