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Tourist and travel guide of Molise

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In Molise you can visit places like Abbazia di San Vincenzo al Volturno, Riserva Collemeluccio, Museo Archeologico Vittoriano or Molise
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Molise is a region of central Italy, with a population of about 320,000 inhabitants. The capital is Campobasso. Abruzzo borders the northwest, Lazio to the west, the southern Campania, Apulia to the southeast and the Adriatic Sea to the northeast. It is the second smallest region. Molise region of Italy is the only born of the division of a region. Up to 19631 was part of the Abruzzi e Molise region ("the Abruzzo and Molise") and now constitutes a separate entity, the twenty regions of Italy, formed by the single province of Campobasso and since 1970 also with the province of Isernia . Its capital is Campobasso. In fact, the region of Abruzzo and Molise, understood as an institution, like all ordinary statute regions, it was not already selected, and hence the two regions begin to function autonomously since 1970. From 24 November 2005 Molise region even has an institutional home in Brussels. Molise is the Italian region with the lowest number of locations, but not municipalities (136). Its patron to the Marian title Maria Santissima di Addolorata Castelpetroso and as co-patron St. Peter Celestine. The region covers 4.438 km ². The surface of the region is divided almost equally between mountainous area, 55.3% of the territory and hilly, 44.7% of the territory. The mountainous area lying between the Apennines and the Apennines abrucenses Samnites. The mountains of Target (2,241 m) are the meeting point of the boundary line between Molise, Abruzzo and Latium. Then there are the mountains of Matese running along the border with Campania and reach the 2,050-meter Mount Miletto. In the east, the area of the Subapeninos (dei Monti Frentani) is degraded to the sea with little sloping hills and rounded shapes. Plain areas are few and small: the plain of the central Molise Bojano in the west is the plain where Venafro mountains and hills gradually give way to the plain. La Bocca di Forlì, or Passo di Rionero, (891 m) conventionally firm boundary between the central and southern Italy.
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