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Moldova is a geographical and historical region of southeastern Europe which corresponds approximately to the historical territory of the principality of the same name. The Principality of Moldova (initially an independent and later autonomous territory) existed from the fourteenth century until 1859, when it merged with Wallachia in what would be the basis of the modern Romanian state, for several times, included the regions of Bessarabia (with Budjac) and most of Bucovina. The first region corresponds more or less what is now the Republic of Moldova, independent state, while the rest of Bessarabia and the northern part of Bukovina, Herta with the region, currently belonging to Ukraine.

In Moldova you can visit cities like Chişinău, Moldova, Tiraspol or Tiraspol
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Civil Cemetery
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Chişinău Ghetto Memorial
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Orheiul Vechi
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Tiraspol National United Museum
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Museum of Headquarters
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Parliament House
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Soviet Memorial
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Memorial Park
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Parcul La Izvor
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