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Tourist and travel guide of Modica

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In Modica you can visit places like Cattedrale di San Pietro, Chiesa Santa Maria delle Grazie, Cava d'Ispica or Modica
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Modica (Muòrica in Sicilian) is a city of the Province of Ragusa in Sicily, situated in the hills area Ibleos. Along with the Noto Valley is part of the sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO in Italy. The city was founded by the Siculi around the seventh century BC, with the name "Motyca" during the period of Greek colonization of Sicily. He was then occupied by the Romans that produced the growth of the city. In 845 the city was invaded by the Normans led by Roger I of Hauteville. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was under Spanish rule, with the counts of Gualtieri. Such title and position was inherited in succession by six other noble families of Italy, the Fly, the Chiaramonte, the Cabrera, the Enriquez (Admirals of Castile and Duke of Medina de Rio Seco), the Alvarez, and finally the Fitz-James Stuart. However, during the last three dynasties the title of Count had lost meaning and real power, and Modica was ruled like the rest of Sicily by the Spanish viceroy from Palermo. This situation continued until the eighteenth century when Sicily was ruled first from Vienna, then in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth centuries as part of the Kingdom of Sicily from Naples. Over the centuries the development of the city gradually divided between "Modica Alta" and "Lower Modica." During the last century the city has grown, developing new suburbs including Deaf Modica, Monserrato and Idria, commonly referred to as "modern Modica." Old and modern areas of the city is now connected by Europe's highest bridge (126 meters).
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