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Middle east
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Trip to Middle east

In a head gear, bold and straightforward, welcome to Middle East! It is the heart of the Muslim world. Apart from the usual way of how this country is being described, with the raging protests, gory bloodshed, unending violence, there is much more that this country offers. While you might be fretting whether, being a U.S citizen as you are, should you make a trip to the Middle East, you should just be clear in the head. The people are welcoming and nice. The government might put restrictions but the places that you get to visit are worth it. You will realize how the tyranny can turn a person bitter or straighten him altogether.

In Middle east you can visit countries like Bahrain, Iran, Iraq or Yemen
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Most Desired Destinations

Bagh-e Jahan Nama
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Old City Walls
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Reuben & Edith Hecht Museum
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St Gabriel's Church
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Mary's Well
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Ethiopian Church
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Royal Tombs
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Shaati al-Azraq
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Bur Dubai Souq
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Deira Covered Souq
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