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Tourist and travel guide of Merced

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  • Population: 72619

In Merced you can visit places like Merced County Courthouse, Courthouse Museum, Castle Air Museum or Merced
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Merced is the name given in the late medieval Castile, the granting of an award in recognition of the merits of some kind made by a vassal, though the name implies that there is a payment due under any contract, but as a gift by the mere will of the king. Although it may take any form, including a sum of money, most of the time consisted of a manor court coming out of the land calls royal (royal jurisdiction). The most famous and numerous were the calls enriqueñas favors, which granted by Henry II of Castile, called the Mercedes, which was elevated to the throne from the beginning bastard by the nobility revolted against his brother Peter I of Castile, called the cruel, whom he killed with his own hands in a famous episode of the Civil War Castellana. So dispersed the royal heritage and raised the status of some families, who since then may be considered new aristocracy, distinct from the lower nobility, and even some ancient noble houses solar, both weakened by the crisis of the fourteenth century. The new strategies of relationship between the kings of the dynasty following Trastámara (trying to recover the real power), the nobility, clergy and cities since then, exceeding the previous dynamics, characteristic of the feudal monarchies, and fall within the begins to build as authoritarian monarchy, which projects, like the estate society and the economy late feudal affinities, to the period known as the Old Regime, which crosses the border of the Modern Age.
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Merced County Courthouse
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Courthouse Museum
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Castle Air Museum
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