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Tourist and travel guide of Massawa

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In Massawa you can visit places like Shaafi Mosque, Imperial Palace, Covered Bazaar or Massawa
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Massawa or Massawa (Italian: Massawa) (15 ° 36'33 "N 39 ° 26'43" E) is an important port in Eritrea on the coast of the Red Sea. The site has always been strategically important because it has been colonized by Portugal, Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom and Italy, the latter in 1885. It was the capital of Eritrea until this was moved to Asmara in 1897. Massawa is first mentioned in the Chronicle Real Yeshaq Ethiopian emperor, on the occasion of the revolt of the imperial governor of the area. Originally the city only occupied the island of Massawa, later extended to cover Taulud Island and the mainland, which are now linked by causeways. Massawa fell into the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1557, which used it as a base in his attempt to conquer the Ethiopian province of Tigray. The Ottoman authorities put the city and its immediate territories under the control of an aristocrat of the Beja ethnic group, who appointed Naib of Massawa, and that his administration responded to the Ottoman governor of Suakin. During the nineteenth century was ruled, as most of the African coast of the Red Sea by the Egyptians with the consent of the Ottomans. Following the Egyptian defeat in the Battle of Gura, Egyptian control of the port declined and, with the help of the British Empire, Massawa came under Italian control as part of their colony of Eritrea in 1885.
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