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Tourist and travel guide of Manzanillo

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In Manzanillo you can visit places like Playa La Audiencia, Museo Universitario de Arqueología, Playa Miramar or Manzanillo
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Manzanillo is the largest city in the state of Colima, capital of the municipality is named the same name and bordered to the north east with Coquimatlán Minatitlan and Armory, south is the Pacific Ocean, and west and northwest borders the state of Jalisco . It is the most important commercial port in Mexico. The city consists of 3 locations Salagua, Santiago and Manzanillo (also known as Manzanillo center). Thanks to the commercial development of Mexico, Manzanillo is projected as a commercial port and tourist destination that experienced rapid growth in infrastructure and tourist attractions. It is located between 103 º 59 'to 104 º 44' west longitude and 18 º 53 'to 19 º 18' north latitude, with height above sea level of 4 meters on the boardwalk. The city also up 3 bays (Manzanillo, Santiago and ashtray), the first two of those registering greater inflow of tourists. Manzanillo was the third port created by the Spanish in the Pacific. It was founded in 1522 by Captain Gonzalo de Sandoval with the name of Tzalahua. As part of popular culture, it is important to mention here the crafts that are made, these are: the embroidered fabric, beaded necklaces, shells and snails, as more representative of the port, while in the gastronomic have the following: ceviche "Manzanillo" fish chowder, bisque, crazy octopus, octopus drunk, a salad, pozole (stew or dry), sope fat (from rib and leg), fish taco, seafood casserole, bigotona ariado or fish, oysters the size, scallops au gratin whiskey, from a wide variety of dishes sailors. Fiestas de Mayo commemorates the elevation is as "high port" and elevation as the port city of Manzanillo, held on May 1st and 8th of that month marks the anniversary of the delivery of legal fund land . Novena in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated from 1 to December 12, where women and men wear Indian attire, going on pilgrimage, dance, music and fireworks. The parties Colomo, are celebrated the anniversaries of the founding of the ejido with singing contests in honor of Garcia Llamas Homobono agrarian leader, for which bullfights and dances. Fiestas de Santiago, The inhabitants of this town celebrate their patron saint on July 25. In Salagua held the Lady of the Rosary in October and holiday ejido. Fiestas de la Candelaria, are held in Miraflores Camotlán on 2 February each year. Tourism Carnival, holiday and recreational activity that can be done or not, as decided by the municipal authorities. When done, it is celebrated, as in the rest of the country's ports, before the start of Lent. It was from 2010 that was completely renovated Carnival, organized jointly with the Business Sector, Hotel Industry and Tourism Ministry. Each year we choose some beautiful artist known nationally and internationally for AMADRINAR the event. In 2012 there will be Godmother and Godfather.
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