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Tourist and travel guide of Mantua

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In Mantua you can visit places like Palazzo Ducale, Cattedrale, Palazzo Te or Mantua
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Mantua (in Italian Mantova), capital of the province, is an Italian city located in the Lombardy region. It is surrounded on three sides by the river Mincio. Agricultural and tourist center, has factories producing agricultural machinery, fertilizers, furniture, footwear and toys. It is the scene of the opera Rigoletto. Mantua was founded, according to myth, Ocnos, son of Manto (daughter of Tiresias), who called the city and in honor of his mother. In fact, Mantua was founded by the Etruscans, then Romanized. The name derives from the Etruscan god Mantus, of Hades arides. After being conquered by the Cenomani, a Gallic tribe, the city was conquered by the Romans between the first and second Punic War. The territory inhabited the veteran soldiers of Augustus, with its most famous citizen, the poet Virgil. After the fall of the Roman Empire was invaded by the Byzantines, the Lombards and Franks. In the eleventh century became a possession of Boniface of Canossa, marquis of Tuscany. The last ruler of the family was the Countess Matilda of Canossa, who died in 1115 according to legend, ordered the construction of the precious Rotonda di San Lorenzo (1082).
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