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Megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso's Cave: Malta is not only old, it is absolutely legendary. The narrow cobbled streets of their towns are filled with Norman cathedrals and baroque palaces and countryside can be seen in some of the structures built by man's oldest known. Malta has been able to take advantage of its romantic past, full of megalithic temple builders and celibate knights in the field, to activate a formidable tourism industry. And all this without their islands are crowded with vacationers apartment buildings (at least not yet). Before the modernization, its rooted Catholic culture has helped the Maltese maintain a well organized and integrated community, and has avoided uncontrolled development. The result is that travelers can enjoy a comforting combination of comfort and authentic local appeal, and a good place to relax for much less money than other similar destinations in the Mediterranean. Despite his mild, the Maltese spend much of the year throwing confetti as they stroll the images of their patron saints through the streets, and providing for the Knights of St. John. The religious festival season lasts six months and ends just in time for the holidays. However, those who have taken too much nuégado and wine you can always travel to the tiny neighboring islands of Gozo or Comino to enjoy total peace and tranquility.

In Malta you can visit cities like Malta, Valletta or Valletta
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The Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta 'Malta) is an island country member of the European Union, densely populated and consists of an archipelago located in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy, east of Tunisia and north Libya. Due to its strategic location, has been ruled by various powers and fought over the centuries. Is independent since 1964 and in 2004 joined the Union Europea.2 in 2008 had a population of 413,609 inhabitants with a distribution of 1,262 inhab. / Km ², the highest population density among countries in the European Union. The origin of the word Malta is uncertain. The most accepted etymology as that which comes from the Greek word μέλι (meli 'honey'). The Greeks called the island Μελίτη (Melite), meaning 'sweet as honey', probably due to the quality of honey produced by bees in the archipelago. In fact, in Malta there are endemic species of these insects, which is why it is called "land of honey" .3 The Romans continued calling Melita, Latinization of Μελίτη. Another etymology is the Phoenician word Maleth reference, which means shelter, 4 due to the large number of bays and coves on the coast of the island.
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