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The resorts in the archipelago of the Maldives attracts visitors with the promise to offer "the last paradise on Earth." Those who understand pristine paradise for tropical islands swaying palms, white sand beaches and gorgeous turquoise lagoons will not be disappointed when visiting these islands. It also is one of the top destinations for diving enthusiasts, who are attracted by the beauty of its coral reefs and rich marine life. However, not suitable for low budget backpackers or amateur anthropology who wish to travel independently and live image of the locals. In the Maldives, tourism is scrupulously controlled, the guidelines of the tourism management plan show the underwater environment and the Robinson Crusoe factor as its main attractions, but they are incompatible with mass tourism, large-scale budget. The lack of local resources has to import a large part of the visitor's needs, from furniture to fresh vegetables, so this target can not compete on price level. The strategy is based on developing a limited number of centers of excellence in every uninhabited island, free from traffic, crime and rampant commercialism. The Maldivian tourism strategy also aims to minimize the harmful effects of tourism on traditional Muslim communities. Travelers can make short guided visits to fishing villages, then return to the center hired. Most are satisfied to be able to glimpse local life and culture, but those who wish to stay longer or travel to atolls outside recreation areas, must argue a compelling reason and have a special permit by the endorsement of a local. It is difficult to imagine what benefit could get communities outside of the long stays of uncontrolled number of tourists. Like it or not, is so tightly controlled tourism industry has achieved tremendous success: there are more and better resorts, the number of visitors is constantly increasing and the impact on the natural and social environment is minimal. Maldives is known internationally as a model of sustainable tourism development that respects the environment.

In Maldives you can visit cities like Maldives, Male’ or Male’
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The Republic of Maldives or simply the Maldives (Dhivehi: ދ ި ވ ެ ހ ި ރ ާ އ ް ޖ ޭ ގ ެ ޖ ު މ ު ހ ޫ ރ ި އ ް ޔ ާ, Dhivehi Raajje) is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean southwest of Sri Lanka and India, southern Asia, consisting of 1,196 islands, of which 203 are inhabited, located about 450 km south of the peninsula of the Deccan. They are grouped into 26 atolls each having the name of one or two thaana writing letters. Its capital and largest city is Male, with 104,403 inhabitants. The climate is tropical and humid with rainfall of approximately 2000 mm per year. Islam is the predominant religion, which was introduced in 1153. It was a Portuguese colony (1558), Dutch (1654) and British (1887). In 1953 tried to establish a republic but a few months later reimposed the sultanate. Gained independence in 1965 and in 1968 the republic was restored, but in 38 years as such, has had only two Presidents, though political restrictions have decreased recently. It is the least populated country in Asia and the least populated among Muslim countries. It is one of the smallest Asian country in terms of population and extension. With an average of 1.5 meters, is also the country's lowest world.1 is also the one with the maximum height less high in the world, to 2.3 m, 1 a feature that makes it particularly vulnerable to rising sea.2 level 3
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