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Malaysia is one of the most enjoyable and easy to visit in Southeast Asia. Several decades of sustained economic growth and political stability have made this nation one of the most prosperous and richest in the region. While political power (Malay) and economic influence (China) have traditionally separated along ethnic lines, Malaysia has defended a pluralist culture based on a vibrant fusion of cultures and customs, Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous people. Most visitors stay in the Malaysian Peninsula, where the bustle of Kuala Lumpur hit is offset by the quiet colonial Cameron Highlands Hill Station or the hedonistic torpor of Langkawi. Few visitors come to Sarawak or Sabah, on the island of East Malaysia, which have a spectacular wildlife, longhouses and the awe-inspiring Mt Kinabalu.

In Malaysia you can visit cities like Batu Ferringhi, Beaufort, Belaga or Tuaran
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Malaysia, whose official name is 1 Malaysia (in Malay and English Malaysia: Malaysia), is a country located in Southeast Asia consisting of thirteen states and three federal territories with an area of 329,847 km ² .7 8 The capital is Kuala Lumpur but Putrajaya is the seat of his government. It has a population of twenty million people, 8 distributed in an area divided into two regions by the South China Sea. The Peninsular Malaysia is located in the Malay Peninsula and bordered to the north and south Thailand with Singapore. The East Malaysia, meanwhile, is located in the northern part of Borneo and on the south to Indonesia and north to Brunéi.8 is located near the Ecuador and its climate is tropical. Its head of state is the monarch Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Government is the First Ministro.9 The foundations of their government take as its starting point the parliamentary system of Westminster.10 The country only began to exist as a unified state in 1963 having been its territory dominated by the United Kingdom during the eighteenth century by establishing a series of colonies. Its eastern half was composed of separate kingdoms, known as British Malaya until its dissolution in 1946 and reorganized as the Malayan Union. Due to the strong opposition, was reorganized again as Malaya in 1948, gained independence on 31 August 1957.2 11 Singapore, Sarawak, North Borneo and the Federation joined to form Malaysia on September 16, 1963.3 12 But since the beginning there were tensions that led to an armed conflict with Indonesia and the expulsion of Singapore on August 9 1965.13 14 15 16
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