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Tourist and travel guide of Madyan

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In Madyan you can visit places like or Madyan
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The Midianites were an ancient people originally from Canaan, mentioned in the Bible in Exodus and Numbers primarily as inhabitants of Midian. It is assumed that the law of Moses, Jethro, and Moses' wife, Zipporah, were Midianites, and stood among them with whom he lived Moses to flee Egypt. In Numbers states that the Hebrews came into violent conflict with the Midianites, but were defeated. By order of Moses their cities were burned, their cattle and valuables confiscated, men, women and children killed and non-virgin women and girls virgins spread among men similar to the rest of the booty, which corresponded to the priests a percentage. Although in principle allowed to live to married women, this infuriates Moses who ordered them to death, leaving only virgin girls alive to be divided among the male population.
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