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Travel to Macedonia

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Macedonia (in Greek Μακεδονία, Makedonia) is a geographic region of northern Greece, the Aegean riverside, which designates the area north of Thessaly (with a limit in the mountains of Olympus), east of the Epirus and western Thrace, to the Nestos. The Greek Macedonia has state borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia (or former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and Bulgaria. It is divided into three administrative regions and peripheries: the Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia and East Macedonia (the latter part of the region encompassing also known as Thrace and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace), in turn subdivided into 13 nomos or departments. It includes the island of Thassos and the peninsula of Halkidiki, where the autonomous monastic community of Mount Athos. This is the second most populated region of Greece, after the Attica. The capital and largest city is Thessaloniki, with over 700,000 inhabitants passed the 50,000 people of Kalama, Kavala, Serres, Katerini, Drama and Èvosmos. Its territory occupies most of the original region of ancient Macedonia. This name was later renamed extensive modern Balkan region also known as Macedonia, Greek Macedonia which occupies 52.4% of the land and live on 52.9% of the population. It was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1912. In 1913, most of the lands of Ottoman Europe were divided into the neighboring states of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Montenegro.

In Macedonia you can visit cities like Macedonia, Ohrid, Skopje or Skopje
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