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Tourist and travel guide of Luxor

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In Luxor you can visit places like Tombs of the Nobles, Open-Air Museum, Visitors Centre - Valley of the Kings or Luxor
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Luxor (al-Uqsur الأقصر) is a town built on the ruins Egyptian city of Thebes, which was capital of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt, and capital of the nome of Upper Egypt IV. It is located on the east bank of the Nile, about 200 km north of the first cataract (Aswan). Its population is 451,318 inhabitants (2006) 1 is located in the Nile valley on the banks of which lies Luxor, a few hundred yards beyond the river disappears all vegetation and the desert extends on both sides. The West Bank has very steep relief. The climate is warm and dry and temperatures can exceed 40 degrees in summer. Luxor is part of the old city called Uaset (ancient Egyptian), or Thebes (Greek), called by Homer "The city of a hundred doors" for the many town gates, and by the Arab Al-Uqsur "City of Palaces" for its beautiful buildings, taken as palaces.
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