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Tourist and travel guide of Lucera

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In Lucera you can visit places like Castle or Lucera
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Lucera is a town and municipality in the province of Foggia, located in the Italian region of Apulia. Lucera is an ancient city, built on the former town of Daunia, the capital of the territory of the Dauni, a tribe of yapigios apulos. Archaeological excavations have shown the existence of a settlement from the Bronze Age within the city limits. Lucera probably took its name in honor of Lucius, a mythical king Dauno, or because of a temple to the goddess Lux Cereris. A third possibility would be founded by the Etruscans, in which case the name could mean "sacred grove" (luc = wood, eri = holy). During the Second Samnite War, the Roman army was encamped near Calacia when the Samnites was led to believe the delusion that they were besieging Lucera, an ally of the Romans. The Roman acted quickly steamed to relieve the city, but was ambushed in Caudine Forks and forced to capitulate. Lucera was occupied by the Samnites, who then lost it after a revolt and after the breakdown of the truce with the Romans in the year 315 a. C. The city requested the protection of Rome, being then declared Togata Cologne and governed directly by the Roman Senate, who sent to 2,500 settlers to strengthen ties between the two cities. Since then, the city was a loyal ally of Rome.
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