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Tourist and travel guide of Louisiana

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In Louisiana you can visit places like Cajun Village, Savoy Music Center, Laura Plantation or Louisiana
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Luisiana2 (Louisiana English, French Louisiane) is one of the states comprising the United States located in the southern region of the country on the Mississippi River Delta. The state is bordered on the west by the state of Texas, north to Arkansas, Mississippi in the east and south by the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana has a distinct culture due to French colonization and to a lesser extent, Spanish. The most widely spoken languages are now English and Spanish. As for the dialect of French known as Cajun (voice acadien adjective derived from that designated the settlers from the French-Canadian colony of Acadia), this has now declined to 5% of speakers. Worse luck has touched the vestigial Spanish, brought in the eighteenth century by Andalusian and Canarian emigrants, which is now largely disappeared. The Spanish, however, is constantly increasing in number of speakers due to immigration from Latin America, especially Mexico and Central America, especially in the city of New Orleans. Its capital is Baton Rouge, but the largest city is New Orleans. Other cities are Lafayette and Shreveport. Louisiana was named in honor of Louis XIV, King of France (1643-1715). When Rene Robert Cavelier de La Salle claimed the territory drained by the Mississippi River for France, I call it La Louisiane, meaning "Land of Louis". Louisiana was also part of the Viceroyalty of New Mexico, at the First Mexican Empire. Since part of the United States, the Louisiana Territory stretched from New Orleans to the current border with Canada. Louisiana was inhabited by Native Americans when European explorers arrived in the sixteenth century. Many names of places in the state are transliterations of those used in native dialects. The tribes that inhabited Louisiana included the Atakapa, the boocana, the opelousa, the acolapissa, Tangipahoa and the Chitimacha in the southeast of the state, the washa, the chawasha, the yagenechito, bayougoula and the Houma (part of the Choctaw Nation ), the quinipissa, the okelousa, the avoyel, the Taensa (part of the Natchez Nation), the tunic and Koroa. The central and northwest Louisiana was part of the Caddo Nation and the Federation of Natchitoches.
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