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Tourist and travel guide of Lìjiāng

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In Lìjiāng you can visit places like Báimǎ Lóngtán, Dongba Research Institute, Looking at the Past Pavilion or Lìjiāng
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Lijiang (simplified Chinese: 丽江, traditional Chinese: 丽江, Pinyin: Lijiang) is an ancient city in northwestern Yunnan Province in China. The city has a history of more than 800 years and is famous for its orderly system of canals and bridges. It is also called "Venice of the East". It was the capital of the principality of Mexiezhao. It is inhabited by the Naxi from the time of the Yuan Dynasty. Much of the existing buildings and temples were built during the Ming and Qing. The ancient town of Lijiang differs from other Chinese cities in terms of architecture, history and culture here are closely tied to the traditions of the Naxi, who still maintain their ancestral customs.
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Most Desired Destinations

Dongba Research Institute
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Mu Family Mansion
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Báimǎ Lóngtán
Find information about visiting Báimǎ Lóngtán View Báimǎ Lóngtán guide
Black Dragon Pool Park
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Kegong Archway
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Looking at the Past Pavilion
Find information about visiting Looking at the Past Pavilion View Looking at the Past Pavilion guide
Xiàng Shān
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Five Phoenix Hall
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Museum of Naxi Dongba Culture
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Old Market Sq
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