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Once considered the Paris of the East, Lebanon's tourist map disappeared at the outbreak of civil war in 1975. At present, and gradually, is consolidating the view that not only feasible travel to Lebanon but also can be done without major complications. Lebanon has numerous attractions within its humble borders: ancient cities, ancient Rome, luxury ski resorts, magnificent landscapes and samples of Islamic architecture. He also has a complex culture, and such is their social and religious diversity, according to supporters of the cultural homogeneity of other nations, it would be impossible to avoid social instability. Unfortunately, in this case, Lebanon has given reason. The few foreigners who come to these lands today fit the profile of wealthy tourists who hires an organized tour. Although not many independent travelers are welcome. The Lebanese are known for their genuine hospitality, and gladly invite strangers into their homes. For those interested in the history of this region and to witness how this country tries to overcome the crisis, it becomes the best time to visit.

In Lebanon you can visit cities like Baalbek, Beirut, Lebanon or Zahlé
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Lebanon (Arabic: لبنان Lubnan), officially Republic of Lebanon (Al-Yumhūriyya الجمهورية اللبنانية al-Lubnāniyya) is a Middle Eastern country bordered on the south by Israel in the north and east by Syria, and is washed by the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Lebanon was not until the 1970's the financial center of the Middle East, which earned him the nickname "the Switzerland of the Middle East." This monetary wealth was broken by the terrible civil strife among the Lebanese (1975-1990), which destroyed an exemplary political balance. Infighting and conflict with Israel, which invaded the country in 1982 - remain. By July 2006 the country had recovered a considerable degree of stability and development, the reconstruction of Beirut was almost FULL1 and a growing number of tourists returning to go to country.2 Then came the Lebanon war of 2006, one month duration, between the army of Israel and Hezbollah, which caused a significant number of civilian deaths and heavy damage to the country's infrastructure. On August 14 was reached after a ceasefire call by the Security Council ONU.3
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