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Tourist and travel guide of Kyoto

  • Population: 1459647

In Kyoto you can visit places like Yasaka-jinja, Takiguchi-dera, Kyoto Botanical Gardens or Kyoto
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Kyoto (京 都市 Kyoto-shi, Castilian "capital city" Japanese pronunciation: [k ʲ or ː to] (· i)) is an important city in Japan, located in the central part of the island of Honshu. It is the capital of the Prefecture of the same name and has also traditionally been considered the capital of the Kansai region, although this is only a geographical reference that a particular administrative territory. Also, is integrated into Keihanshin Metropolitan Region, comprising the areas surrounding the cities of Osaka, Kobe and the same Kioto.2 has a population of 1,474,000 people around (as of 2011), reaching between the Japanese cities more pobladas.3 the total land area of the city is 827.90 km ². Although Kyoto is the more correct romanization of Japanese name, the name of the city is Kyoto in Spanish and other languages (like Dutch). Its historical importance is due to the fact that between 794 and 1868 was the capital of Japan, hosting the headquarters of the Imperial Court and other institutions. In 1868 Emperor Meiji decided to move the seat of the court to Tokyo, leaving the city permanently in the background. During the Second World War was the only large Japanese city that was bombed by the U.S. Air Force. For this reason, today remains one of the major Japanese cities with a rich historical, artistic and architectural. On December 11, 1997 took place in this city the signing of a protocol that had the objective of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming global4; The international agreement would become popularly known as the Protocol Kioto.4
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