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Tourist and travel guide of Kabul

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Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. It is an economic and cultural center strategically situated in a narrow valley around the River Kabul at the top of the mountains before the Khyber Pass. Kabul communicates with the Tajikistan border via a tunnel under the Hindu Kush mountains. The main products of the region include textiles, furniture and sugar. Kabul is currently one of the cities with more land mines in the world. Kabul has an antiquity of more than 3,000 years, is believed to have been established between 2000 and 1500. C. In the Rig Veda Hindu text mentions the word "Kubhā" to refer to the Kabul River.

In Kabul you can visit places like National Gallery, Mausoleum of Nadir Shah, Mausoleum of Timur Shah or Kabul
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