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Tourist and travel guide of Izmir

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Esmirna is the second largest port in Turkey after Istanbul, and the third largest city in population. It is located near the Aegean coast near the Gulf of Izmir, between the peninsulas of Foca and Clazómenes, and about 450 km southwest of Istanbul. It is also the capital of the province of Izmir. Smyrna was founded about 3000 BC. C. by "Lelegians" in the place near the present Tepekule Bayraklı. Between 2000 and 1200 a. C., was part of the Hittite Empire, after the collapse of the Hittite State against the attacks of the Phrygians, was occupied by the Aeolians, who emigrated from Greece to Anatolia around 1000, after the fall of the Mycenaean civilization. It was conquered in 600 a. C. by King of Lydia, Alyattes, and then by the Persians in 546 a. C. Razed, the city lost the prestige of old during the following centuries, until Alexander the Great built, very close to it, a new city. Smyrna received territories for having fought alongside Rome and benefited from independence protected by the Romans. The city received a number of Roman political exiles. The Modern Smyrna also includes world-renowned ancient cities like Ephesus, Pergamon and Sardis, which are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. It has a modern subway line running through the city heading southwest - northeast, an international airport that hosts the massive arrival of tourists every year and she is currently the site of the Headquarters of NATO's southern command.

In Izmir you can visit places like Agora, Museum of History & Art, İzmir Kültür Vakfıl or Izmir
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