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Tourist and travel guide of Istanbul

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Istanbul (Turkish: İstanbul, AFI: [istanbuɫ]) is the largest city in Turkey and the third most populous in Europe. The ancient Byzantium and later Constantinople at the time of the Roman Empire, is now one of the most beautiful and populated in Europe, one of the 3 cities that lie transcontinental between Europe and Asia (the other 2 are Atyrau and Orenburg). With 8,803,468 inhabitants in the city and 10,018,735 in metro (census 2000). According to recent estimates by the Census Bureau of the Municipality of Istanbul and the Turkish Statistics Institute (2009) the population of this megalopolis has increased to reach 12,753,836 people. Most of the population is Moslem, and there are large numbers of lay people, and minorities of Christians (68,000) and Jews (22,000). The city of Istanbul is located at the geographic coordinates 41 ° 1'7 "N 28 ° 57'53" E. It is also the administrative capital of the province of Istanbul (which covers 27 districts) 1 in the so-called Rumelia or Eastern Thrace. It was called Byzantium until 330, and Constantinople until 1453, the name is usually called in the West until 1930. The official name of İstanbul was imposed on March 28, 1930.

In Istanbul you can visit places like Dolmabahçe Palace, Taksim Square, Dolmabahçe Selamlik or Istanbul
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