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Travel to Israel & The Palestinian Territories

Religion, politics, passion and history attract thousands of tourists (and immigrants) to Israel annually. It was here where it happened, a land linked to Christians, Jews and Muslims, who raises some hatred and violence. Its spiritual aura (tread in the footsteps of the gods, breathe the same air we breathed the Messiah) attracts most, but is its very intangibility what disappoints many. Nevertheless, Israel is a bustling and modern. It is easier to be with fond memories of the country if traveling without prejudice. The history and religious vestiges of this nation are a fundamental part of its appeal, but not all: the city of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, modern and cosmopolitan diving in the Red Sea in Eilat, the prosperous national parks and the stillness of the Dead Sea salt. To understand Israel, you lived your mind, you can start chatting with the bus driver or owner of the hostel. Calling this territory will always offensive to someone. We opted for Israel and the Palestinian territories, but many times Israel has been reduced. This name refers to the area comprising the State of Israel and the disputed areas of the West Bank, Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip.

In Israel & The Palestinian Territories you can visit cities like Bethlehem, Eilat, Gaza City or Tiberias
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