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Tourist and travel guide of Irkutsk

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In Irkutsk you can visit places like Znamensky Monastery, Trubetskoy House-Museum, Bogoyavlensky Cathedral or Irkutsk
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Irkutsk (Russian: Иркутск) is a city and administrative center of Irkutsk Oblast in Russia. It was founded in 1661 and received city status in 1686. One of the most populated cities in Siberia with 587,200 inhabitants (census 2010), as well as an important economic, political, military and seat of a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is connected with Moscow by a railway network of 5,185 km. It is situated on both banks of the Angara River, which is in turn a tributary of the Yenisei. To the south is Lake Baikal. The coat of arms of Irkutsk goes back to the seventeenth century, contains two typical elements of culture Transbaikalia and consists of a Siberian tiger wearing a sable in his mouth. In 1652, Ivan Pojábov builds a stop to the fur trade with the Buryats. The Cossacks are installed there and the city of Irkutsk is officially founded in 1686. The city developed thanks to the export of gold, mammoth ivory and sable to China. In the nineteenth century, fortunes were built quickly thanks to the gold mines that attract pioneers. In the Far East, which was not yet connected to the rest of the country by the Trans-Siberian Railway, crime and violence were the daily plight of the inhabitants. The presence of taverns and cabarets in this place attracted minors and sellers.
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