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Iran would be less than indicated above the place for them on a Job Finish Satanic Verses will be required and not included in the list of destinations prioritarios bronceado to achieve a comprehensive, but for those who tolerate or refuse cubrirse Made of a beer and to the feminist discourse more honest the range is very wide. Lovers of culture will enjoy magnificent vestiges of ancient cities, and gloriosas mezquitas mausoleos, and interesting museums. The most aventureros can practice the trekking and skiing in the very affordable prices, plus a surprise to the Iranian hayan exit picnic saltando precipicios them hidden in a paragliding mochila

In Iran you can visit cities like Bam, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr or Zahedan
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Iran, whose official name is Islamic Republic of Iran (in Persian, جمهوری اسلامی ایران, transcribed Yomhūrī-e Eslami-e Iran) is a state of Middle East (Asia). From the first millennium. C. until 1935 was known in the West as Persia, but today this name is still valid and accepted along with Iran. It borders Pakistan and Afghanistan to the east, Turkmenistan to the northeast, the Caspian Sea to the north and Azerbaijan and Armenia in the northwest, Turkey and Iraq to the west and finally the Persian Gulf coast and the Gulf of Oman to the south . It is the eighteenth largest country in the world with 1,648,195 km ², Iran has a population of nearly 80 million people.1 is a country with significant importance in geopolitics to be among the Middle East and Central Asia. Tehran is the capital, besides being the political center, industrial, commercial and cultural development. Iran is a power regional2 3 and many countries depend on it being an exporter of oil and natural gas, which has made its GDP rise in recent years. Iran along with Iraq is home to the civilizations antiguas.4 The first dynasty that ruled Iran was the Elam in 2,800 BC The Medes unified Iran into an empire in 625 AC5 These were succeeded by the Achaemenid Empire, the Hellenistic civilization and finally ended in two empires: The Parthian Empire and the Sassanid Empire. The Muslims conquered in 651 A.D. expanding the Persian language and culture throughout the Iranian plateau.
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Foreign Pilgrims Assistance Office
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Kuh-e Sangi
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Tomb of the 12 Imams
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Ashikhade Mosque
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Ethnographical Museum
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Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini
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Qajar Museum
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