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Located in the heart of Europe, accustomed to receive travelers, Hungary is the ideal country to enter Eastern Europe. Most travelers come to Budapest, a picturesque and lively city with a great sporting and cultural vitality. Venturing outside the capital is venture into the plains, lakes lined with tourist sites, towns and rustic Baroque towns. Taste its excellent wines, relax in a spa waters and bird watching are other attractions.

In Hungary you can visit cities like Aggtelek, Badacsony, Baja or Tokaj
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Hungary (in Hungarian: Magyarország) is a country in Central Europe landlocked which is part of the European Union. Bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. It is locally called Land of the Magyars or Magyarország. Along with Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic is part of the Visegrád group of nations. During the Roman Empire, the territory of present-day Hungary was part of the provinces of Pannonia and Dacia. In the late fourth century, Rome lost Pannonia, occupied since then by Germanic and Slavic tribes, and the "pastors Romanorum" pastors who spoke a language derived from Vulgar Latin. Odo of Deogilo, a participant in the Second Crusade (1147), discusses the Iulii Pabula Caesaris (Pastures of Julius Caesar), while Ricardo wrote in his book "Ungaria Magna" (1237) that Hungary was called before 'Easter Romanorum " . Deacon Thomas of Spalato also wrote about the year 1250, Hungary was often called "Easter Romanorum" in his "History Salonitana, in Monumenta spectantia historiam Slavorum meridionalium, XXVI (Scriptores III), page 42. Central Plains received Huns , Bulgarians (who eventually settled further south, in present-day Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia) and Avars: nomads from the steppes of northern Black Sea. The Avars dominated the Danube between the seventh and eighth centuries, to be submitted by the Empire of Charlemagne. Charlemagne's successors held a number of ducats in the middle west and north of the basin, while the Byzantine Empire and Bulgaria exercised some authority over the south and east of the region. The Duchy Croatia became independent in 869 and Moravia fought tenaciously against the Carolingians, until the appearance of the Magyars, hometown Finno-Ugric (related to Finns, Estonians, Karelians, Udmurt, etc..). These organized, west of lower Don, a federation of tribes (composed of various clans and led by a hereditary chief) called On-Ogur (Ten Arrows), which gave rise to the Hungarian name, so that his kingdom became known as Hungaria, which subsequently led in Hungary.
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