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Tourist and travel guide of Hong Kong

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Now in control of China Hong Kong is still a unique city in the east. Still enjoying the feel of freedom that it enjoyed during the control from the United Kingdom it is a city that is not only colourful in history but in its lighting and economy. It is a city that melds the feel of the western city with the east giving it an oriental feel but also history of being separate from the country of China with its communist views. Not only made up of skyscrapers and busy streets it has its beauty to explore with the surrounding mountains. With its high population and a flowering economy it is a tiger of the east.

In Hong Kong you can visit places like Pak Tai Temple, Pao Sui Loong & Pao Yue Kong Galleries, Big Wave Bay or Hong Kong
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Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong People's Republic of China, known as Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港, literally "fragrant harbor") is a special administrative region of southern China formed by a peninsula and several islands, located on the coast southern South China Sea, the Pearl River Delta, near the cities of Canton and Macao. As of July 1, 1997 was a colony of the United Kingdom. Hong Kong is one of the two special administrative regions of China. The other is the former Portuguese colony of Macao. In these two special administrative regions covered by the administrative model known as one country, two systems (一国两制). This system, which was ideologue Deng Xiaoping, who wanted to apply to eventual reunification with Taiwan, is the maintenance of a capitalist economic system under the sovereignty of a country's official Communist ideology. Besides the economic system, these two regions have an administrative and independent judicial system and even its own customs and external borders. Until 1841, the island of Hong Kong was home to Chinese pirates and opium export base, inhabited by a few fishermen. The Opium War ended with the cession of the whole territory to the British Crown, which was confirmed by the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, and became one of the most important British sites in the Pacific Ocean. The Hong Kong British possessions included the island and the colony located on the southeast coast of China, at the mouth of Canton River, the Kowloon peninsula, separated from the island by a narrow 800-meter and assigned by the treaty of 1860; and the territory ceded in the China coast for 99 years, through the convention of June 9, 1898 in Beijing. But Hong Kong did not have real significance until 1949, when China began the migration to California, United States, using the island as a shipping point. Subsequently, the capital, Victoria, saw decreased boat traffic for the Kowloon Peninsula. Until 1997, the colony of Hong Kong was the center of British trade with China, Japan and throughout Southeast asiático.2
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