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Tourist and travel guide of Hakone

  • Population: 13939

In Hakone you can visit places like Hakone Museum of Art, Hakone Open-Air Museum or Hakone
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Hakone (Hakone-machi 箱根 町?) Is a Japanese city located in the district of Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, located in the east at the foot of Hakone Pass. Historically known as Kamakura Period was a control point on the road Tōkaidō passing through the town. Today is a popular tourist spot, given the abundance of tourist center and Onsen (Japanese hot spring springs). In 2010 the city had an estimated population of 13,339 people. Like every Japanese city has a number of elements of identity: The flag, established on February 11, 1958, consists of a central triangle showing the heights of Mount Hakone and surrounded by a círculo.1 Then you have other symbols, being represented Hakonebara flower (or Rosa microphylla hirtura) Yamazakura tree (or Prunus jamasakura), the woodpecker and fish to Capellán1 in ancient times was the site of a remarkable Shinto shrine, the Shrine Hakone (Hakone or Gongen ), dating from the year 757 and was mentioned in the literature of the Age Heian.2 Genpei Wars During the general Minamoto no Yoritomo, after his defeat at the Battle of Ishibashiyama, said a prayer in the sanctuary after victory over their enemies. As with the rest of the province of Sagami, the Hakone and Odawara area came under the control of the Hojo clan in the late Sengoku period.
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