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Haiti (Ayiti in Haitian Creole), officially Republic of Haiti (Republique de Haiti or Ayiti Repiblik) is a republic located in the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. To the north Atlantic Ocean, west over the Wind (which separates it from Cuba) and the Jamaica Channel (which separates this island), on the south by the Caribbean Sea and the east by the Dominican Republic shares with which the surface of Hispaniola. It also includes the small islands of Gonâve the Tortoise (Tortue), Large Cayemite, vache and Navaza and other islands. Ayiti ("land of great mountains") was given the name of the Taino Indians in the western part of the island. It has an area of ​​27,750 square kilometers and a population of 10,033,000 (2009). Port-au-Prince is the capital and main city, with 1.2 million inhabitants and over two million in the urban agglomeration, followed by Cap-Haitien, with 135,000 inhabitants. Port-au-Prince was seriously damaged in an earthquake on 12 January 2010. The territory of Haiti is predominantly mountainous, culminating in the peak of the Seal (2680 m) in the south-east of the country, with the exception of the small coastal plains and river valleys, among which the Artibonite. The central and eastern region is a vast high plateau. Former French colony, was an early American countries after the United States, to declare independence (1 January 1804), when the slave population of African origin rebelled against the city and became the first " black republic "in the world, besides being the only state in the world created out of a slave rebellion. Since then he has been one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere largely because of the hectic political life, with violent and corrupt dictatorships for much of its history, the interventions of foreign powers, and natural disasters. The official languages ​​are French and Haitian Creole. It is the only state in America predominantly francophone and one of the two (the other is Canada) where the French official. (Although there is also the territory of Guyana, which belongs to the French Republic).

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