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Aboriginal culture full of vitality is displayed as shown in Tikal Mayan Catholic rituals of Chichicastenango and the usual colorful clothing of the people who have been the best lure for overseas, as reflected in any tourist brochure, in contradiction with the suppression system that successive governments have submitted them. Since the signing of peace treaties, which have made even less intrepid travelers to venture broker ma untouched outside the city of Antigua, Guatemala gladly receive visitors in their small and beautiful villages, sometimes a gateway to some of ma stunning natural wonders of Central America.

In Guatemala you can visit cities like Antigua, Chichicastenango, Chiquimula or San Pedro La Laguna
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Guatemala (Nahuatl: Quauhtlemallan, "place of many trees")? 3-officially Republic of Guatemala is a country in Central America, in its far northwest, with a large indigenous culture product of Mayan heritage and Spanish influence during colonial times, so it is considered a multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, rich in life besides natural.4 despite its relatively small size, Guatemala has a wide variety of climates, due to its mountainous terrain ranging from sea level up to 4,220 meters on the grade.5 This causes that exist in the country as diverse ecosystems ranging from mangrove wetlands of the Pacific to the high mountain cloud forests. Bordered on the west and north by Mexico, Belize and the east by the Gulf of Honduras, on the southeast by Honduras and El Salvador and South with the Pacific Ocean. The country has an area of 108,889 km ². Its capital is Guatemala City, officially named Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción. Its indigenous population comprises 51% of the population of country.6 The official language is Spanish, also has 23 Mayan languages, Xinca and Garifuna languages, the latter spoken by people of African descent in Izabal. Guatemala is located within the geographic area known as Mesoamerica. Within its boundaries were developed several cultures. It is the cradle of the Maya civilization that was notable for achieving a complex social development.
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