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Travel to The Gambia

Gambia is a republic in western Africa, completely surrounded by Senegal except the west, where the estuary of the River Gambia touches the Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Banjul. Gambia is a small country and a close (it has less than 48 km wide) with the boundary based on the Gambia River. This border was defined in 1889 by an agreement between the United Kingdom and France. It is almost an enclave within Senegal, and is the smallest country on mainland Africa. Former British colony, it was declared independent on 18 February 1965 as a monarchy within the Commonwealth. He became a republic in 1970 and between 1982 and 1989 formed a confederation with Senegal, which they called Senegambia.

In The Gambia you can visit cities like Banjul, The Gambia or The Gambia
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