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The Gabon is a republic in the western central Africa, bordered on the north by Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon in the east and south by the Congo and west by the Gulf of Guinea. The capital is Libreville port in the Gulf of Guinea, with half a million inhabitants. The second most important city is Port-Gentil, with about one hundred thousand inhabitants, located after Lopez, near the mouth of the river Ogooué, the largest in the country. Gabon was inhabited in antiquity by the Bantu. Until 1958 was part of French Equatorial Africa. The law of 23 June 1956 established the administrative autonomy of the colonies, and became an autonomous republic on 28 November 1958. In February 1960, Gabon has decided to leave the French Union in March 1960 and gained independence on 17 August 1960. Thereafter it was ruled by autocratic presidents (an attempt to establish a military government in 1964 progress was undone by the intervention of French forces). In the early 90's introduced a system multipartidari and a new constitution that allowed a more transparent electoral process and reform of government institutions. A small population (1.4 million inhabitants do not reach an area of 267,667 square kilometers), abundant natural resources (most notably oil) and Investimenti foreigners have helped make Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in the region.

In Gabon you can visit cities like Gabon, Libreville or Libreville
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