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Tourist and travel guide of Florianópolis

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In Florianópolis you can visit places like Avenida Beira Mar Norte, Rua Felipe Schmidt, Praça XV de Novembro or Florianópolis
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Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina and one of the three islands capital of Brazil. It is noteworthy for being the capital of Brazil with the best human development index (HDI), the order of 0.875, according to a UN report in 2000. This index also makes it the fourth largest city in Brazil with the best quality of life, behind only the cities of Sao Caetano do Sul and Aguas de Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo state, and Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. It is located in the central-eastern state of Santa Catarina and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Much of Florianópolis (97.23%) is located on the island of Santa Catarina, with nearly 100 beaches, considered the continental.Tiene, according to the IBGE census of 2010, a population of 421,203 inhabitants. Its metropolitan area has 1,012,831 inhabitants. The image of "postcard" that identifies you is the famous bridge Hercilio Luz, opened in 1926 and was the first road link between the island and the mainland. Originally called "Santa Catarina" as Francisco Dias Velho, the founder of the town, arrived at the scene on the day of Santa Catarina. She continued for a long time so it is called, including the village to become the name of Our Lady of Exile. A fact that proves is that even in official correspondence is still mentioned the island of Santa Catarina, in the name by which trace the time described. With the Proclamation of the Republic raised the town to town, when it was decided to reinforce the correct name, but now only going to be called "exile", a name that upset residents, because remember that the term "exile", ie someone who is in exile and who was arrested and sent to a desert. This lack of taste for the name from the fact that some votes for a possible change to happen. One was to "Ondine," the name of a goddess of mythology that protects the seas. This name was abandoned until the end of the Federalist Revolution in 1894, named after then-President Floriano Peixoto, Hercilio Light changed its name to Florianópolis. But I must say that Floriano Peixoto was not an authority with popularity in the city and met great resistance from his government in exile. As the city was one of the main points that oppose the president, who sent an army to the city that was overturned this resistance. This name derives from the nickname Floripa, for which the city is widely known.
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