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By the time of twilight, when the nights are longer, the activities in Finland are not reducible to remain locked up at home, on the contrary, the country offers vast frozen lakes Nordic skiing and saunas for relaxation, gentle taps giving oneself with a fragrant branch of birch leaves. During the months dominated by the midnight sun, coastal regions, including the Turku archipelago and Aland islands, become a paradise for lovers of sailing and fishing. Inside, the pure nature attracts thousands of hikers annually. Where else in the world you can tour the area on the back of a reindeer or make an icebreaker cruise and then notice the grass crunching under your feet to play golf at midnight?

In Finland you can visit cities like Espoo, Finland, Hamina or Vaasa
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Finland, officially the Republic of Finland (Finnish: Suomi or Suomen Tasavalta; in Swedish: Finland or Finland Republiken (· i)), is a Nordic country member of the European Union and located in northern Europe. It has borders with Sweden to the west, the east by Russia and Norway to the north. To the west and south is bordered by the Baltic Sea, which separates it from Sweden and Estonia, crossing the gulfs of Bothnia and Finland, respectively. The capital and largest city of the country is Helsinki. In 2010, Finland had a population of 5.3 million inhabitants in an area of 303,899 km ². The vast majority of the population is concentrated in the far south in the Gulf of Finland and its surroundings (including the Helsinki Metropolitan Area). Finland is the sixth largest country in Europe and has a low population density of 15.5 inhabitants per km ², making the country the second lowest population density of the European Union. Most Finns speak Finnish (or Finnish) as their mother tongue, which is one of the few official languages of the European Union did not descend from the Indo-European family. The second official language of Finland is Swedish, spoken as mother tongue by 5.6% of the population.2 Finland was part of Sweden until in 1809 it was annexed by Imperial Russia, becoming the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland until 1917, when it gained independence. Currently, Finland is a parliamentary republic and democracy, and a member of the United Nations since 1955 and the European Union since 1995. Finland's economy is one of the most prosperous on the continent, based on the major service sectors and manufacturing. The country has a welfare state and a highly democratic political and extremely low levels of corruption.
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