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Tourist and travel guide of Edirne

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  • Population: 126535

In Edirne you can visit places like Selimiye Mosque, Museum of Health, Contemporary Art & Sculpture Museum or Edirne
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Edirne (also known by its former name, or Hadrianopolis Adrianople) is a medium sized city located in northwestern Turkey in Europe, not far from the borders with Greece and Bulgaria. Edirne has been from a strategic and valuable ancient crossroads. The river flows through the city Tundzha, which joins the Meriç within walking distance of Edirne. It has a population of 136,070 inhabitants1 (2007). Located in the geographical center of the fertile coastal plain of Thrace, its economy is based on the production of cotton, linen, silk, leather, wool, essence and rose water, wax and red dye. It is also an important regional market that caters to many other cities nearby fruit, wine and other agricultural products. Edirne's roots are very old. Already in classical times there was a Thracian settlement under the name of Uskadama, which was abandoned after many wars with the Greeks and Romans. In the year 125 AD, the Roman emperor Hadrian rebuilt giving its name to the city. For its strategic value, the areas near the city of Adrianople have been the scene of no less than fifteen battles throughout history, nine of them after its founding. The most famous of these battles is the year 378, in which the Visigoths destroyed the army of the Eastern Roman Empire, killed the emperor Valens and spread through the Balkans looting everything in their path. However, successfully withstood the siege of Adrianople and blocked Gothic and barbarian progress towards Constantinople.
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