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Ecuador, the smallest of all those in the rugged Andean highlands, is one of the most rewarding travel destinations in South America. With a wide variety of indigenous cultures, well preserved colonial architecture, stunning volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest, its territory in its small size offers many attractions for the traveler. Moreover, from its beautiful capital, Quito, is easy to move to explore the surrounding Amazon jungle, ascending to an active volcano, haggle with indigenous artisans or take a nice swim in a tropical beach. And all this in a country slightly larger than half of Spain. If you squint at a map, Ecuador resembles a smiling skull Pacific peeks through his lonely overseas possessions, the remote Galapagos Islands. The archipelago, Ecuador since 1832, is considered one of the treasures of natural history in the world. The unique diversity of flora and fauna enhances the curiosity of both the environmentalists and the restless souls. It is expensive to visit the Galapagos, but when compared with the affordable continental adventure and the uniqueness of the experience, the traveler feels almost compelled to set aside budgetary considerations.

In Ecuador you can visit cities like Baños, Ecuador, Esmeraldas or Riobamba
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Ecuador (officially the Republic of Ecuador) is a country located in the northwestern part of South America. Ecuador Colombia bordered to the north, south and east by Peru and the west by the Pacific Ocean. The country has an area of 283,561; km ² and a population of nearly 15 million people. Ecuador is crossed from north to south by a volcanic section of the Andes, with more than 80 volcanoes, the highest being Chimborazo, with msnm.6 6310 West of the Andes are the Gulf of Guayaquil and a plain forest and the east, the Amazon. It is the country with the highest concentrations of rivers per square kilometer in the world. In Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands 1000 km to the west coast, is the densest planet's biodiversity. [Citation needed] The first human settlement in the Ecuadorian territory date back to 12 000 a. C. (The Inga Chobshi, Cubilán, Las Vegas), subsequently developed several pre-Columbian peoples. The Inca Empire conquered the region in the middle part of the fifteenth century and the Spanish conquest of this territory began a century later, in 1534. Was a Spanish colony for nearly three hundred years. The time independence had its origins in 1809, and began the process of emancipation realized from 1820 to 1822. After the definitive independence from Spanish rule, the territory was quickly integrated to Colombia, while the coastal territory remained independent until the annexation by military means by Simon Bolivar. In 1830 the Colombian territories south split and created the Ecuadorian nation. Since the beginning of the republic there was political instability that led to the origin of various revolutions throughout the nineteenth century. The twentieth century was marked by little or no participation of the country in the world wars, several border disputes with Peru, and the establishment of military rule. In 1979, Ecuador became the democratic system, but political instability between 1996 and 2006 led the country into economic and social crisis, resulting in the dollarization of the country and toppled three presidents before leaving office. Ecuador is listed as the largest exporter of bananas at mundial7 and one of the largest exporters of flowers, shrimp and cocoa.
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