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Tourist and travel guide of Eagle

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In Eagle you can visit places like or Eagle
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Eagle is the name given to the largest predatory birds. The various species and subspecies of eagles can be found almost anywhere on the planet except Antarctica. They are members of the birds of prey, the order of Accipitriformes, 1 (or Falconiformes according to an earlier classification), 2 family Accipitridae, subfamily Buteoninae. They belong to several genera, which are subject to reclassification as best experts fail to reach a consensus view. The eagles are mainly characterized by its large size, sturdily built and heavy head and beak. Like all birds of prey, eagles have a large beak, powerful and pointed to loosen the flesh of their prey. They also have powerful claws and tarsi. It is also noteworthy strength of eagles, which allows them to prey in flight lift much heavier than themselves. They also have an extremely sharp view allows them to see potential prey from a distance, such as the golden eagle has two focal points in their eyes, one to look ahead and another to locate the eyes peering sideways distance. The eagles have been used by many people as a national symbol and especially imperial symbol, showing both power and beauty. Roman Empire is that, in general, other states have taken the usual way with an eagle emblem, the Byzantine Empire provided the double-headed eagle symbol.
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