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Tourist and travel guide of Dushanbe

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  • Population: 543105

In Dushanbe you can visit places like Barakat Bazaar, Museum of Musical Instruments, Bekhzod National Museum or Dushanbe
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Dusambé2 (in Tajik and Russian: Душанбе, academically transliterated as Dushanbe, called Dyushambe until 1929, and Stalinabad between then and 1961), is the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan. It has an area or an area of 100 km ² official and a population of 4 inhabitants 724.0003 Tajik national census of 21 September 2010.3 4 thus implying 7240 inhab. / Km ². It is, by far the most populous city. The name of the capital of Tajikistan Tajik from the word to refer to Monday (du 'two' + shanbé shanba or "day", lit. "Day two"), etymology alluded to the fact that the place held a the market that day week.5 1 Next to Dushanbe are several coal mines, lead and arsenic. Dushanbe is a major textile center, mainly due to cotton, but also produces silk, machinery, electrical appliances, leather goods, tractor parts and products for alimentación.6
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Museum of National Antiquities
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Haji Yakoub Mosque and Medressa
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Writers' Union Building
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Barakat Bazaar
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Museum of Musical Instruments
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Bekhzod National Museum
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Statue of Ismail Samani
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