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Countries sorted by population in its major cities

It should arrive in Japan with an open mind and prepared to consummate the most amazing activities: photographing a replica of the Eiffel Tower, surfing an artificial wave pool, visiting a hotel in go
population is approximately 51,278,732

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The United States believes strongly that starred in one of the biggest success stories of the modern world: a nation made up of a mix of disparate peoples who had little to eat, other than a desire to
population is approximately 49,408,158

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India is a country overwhelmed by its size and diversity. Nothing is exactly as planned, so the only thing to expect is the unexpected, which comes in many forms and always seated next to the traveler
population is approximately 46,653,424

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The definition that Winston Churchill gave Russia, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma 'remains a very successful way of describing the country, despite the instability and changes suffere
population is approximately 38,542,024

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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan or Pakistan (in Urdu پاکستان) is a state located in central-southern Asia. It borders India, Iran, Afghanistan, China and the Arabian Sea. It has over 160 milli
population is approximately 31,446,830

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Mexico is a land very varied, their ostentatious living with stunning resorts ancient towns, and snow-capped volcanoes give way to pine forests, deserts and tropical beaches paradise. The bustle of th
population is approximately 26,625,018

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When you enter this country, which sits one foot in Europe and one in the Middle East, they must abandon stereotypes reflecting film Midnight Express, because Turkey is modernizing at an astonishing r
population is approximately 21,352,148

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The islands of the Indonesian archipelago, floating real emeralds for centuries have attracted people varied. Chinese and Indian traders, European settlers, missionaries proselytizing intrepid adventu
population is approximately 19,519,123

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For centuries, Brazil has symbolized the flight into a tropical paradise, feeding the Western imagination like no other South American Paris has ever done. Brazil is a country of mythic proportions: f
population is approximately 18,611,121

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The perception that most of Canada is based on its vast distances, its rich natural resources and its flag. Undoubtedly associated with Niagara Falls and its haven status of the maples. However, ethno
population is approximately 16,220,759

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Germany hoards great wealth: the elegant charm of the great cities, the harvest festival of pagan origin, abundant cultural events and huge tracts of forest. But the country's recent history with his
population is approximately 14,981,704

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Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, described Egypt as 'the gift of the Nile', reflecting the admiration felt already in antiquity by the image of the pyramids, the Sphinx, Thebes and the river it
population is approximately 14,105,637

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With its distinctive appearance of high-waisted boot, Italy has given the world three millennia of history, culture and cuisine like no other. Papas, multidisciplinary artists and geniuses, poets and
population is approximately 13,840,064

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The seven thousand islands that make up the Philippines are the forgotten ones in Southeast Asia: being removed from the main land route, have never attracted a large number of tourists. Undoubtedly,
population is approximately 11,516,001

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South Africa
With the optimism caused by the end of Apartheid, which has turned South Africa into a relevant, travelers come to a country that was forbidden for most of the twentieth century. Political violence se
population is approximately 11,490,456

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The remains of great civilizations make Peru a fascinating country. Visitors can wander around colonial cities that still preserve the legacy of the Spanish, visit the ancient Inca capital, Cuzco, or
population is approximately 11,292,313

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Iran would be less than indicated above the place for them on a Job Finish Satanic Verses will be required and not included in the list of destinations prioritarios bronceado to achieve a comprehensiv
population is approximately 10,636,105

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South Korea
South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk 대한민국 in Korean, Hanja: 大韩民国)) is an Asian country occupying the southern region of the Korean peninsula. To the north, bord
population is approximately 10,323,448

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Bangla desh (or Bangladesh) is a popular republic of South Asia, located in the Bay of Bengal, the delta formed by the rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra. The name Bangladesh means in Bengali, "Flare-free"
population is approximately 9,581,413

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Many harbor a very particular image of Australia as the Sydney Opera House or Ayers Rock, although these famous icons low pay honor to the abundance of natural treasures of the country and its cultura
population is approximately 9,395,295

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa, washed by the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean). To the north, Niger, Chad to the east (across Lake Chad) and the Cameroon, Benin to the west
population is approximately 8,789,133

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Morocco is the seductive lip of the mouth that is the Mediterranean Sea, a Muslim land so full of mysticism that seems to move like a magic carpet for somewhere between myth and reality. Tangier, Casa
population is approximately 8,391,581

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The French wrote the song about la vie en rose and entertained the world with the crme brle and Camembert, with the Tour and Eiffel Tower, with Simone de Beauvoir and Claude Debussy. So yes, they h
population is approximately 7,815,305

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When talking about Argentina, inevitably appear in the imagination the gauchos and tango, but what really captivates many travelers are its natural beauty. The variety of its landscape ranges from the
population is approximately 7,060,393

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There is no country in Southeast Asia that houses so much historical evidence such as Thailand, so this is the place for people interested in ruins, temples and deserted cities. If the traveler gets t
population is approximately 6,479,451

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Welcome to an exotic, vibrant and absolutely amazing experience in Spain. The time that you are going to have in Spain will be cherished the most by you. Now what will bring you to such a timeless ex
population is approximately 6,418,108

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Malaysia is one of the most enjoyable and easy to visit in Southeast Asia. Several decades of sustained economic growth and political stability have made this nation one of the most prosperous and ric
population is approximately 6,010,961

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Understanding Vietnamese history is needed to get to know their civilization and its people Anica highly cultivated. Most visitors marvel at the sublime beauty of its natural setting: the Red River de
population is approximately 5,852,060

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The traditional image of England, which comes from some point in the 1930's, when social life of their peoples revolved around the post office, the local pub and the parish, is a gentle and cultivated
population is approximately 5,717,765

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Due to its location in the heart of the Old Continent, Poland has been both a bridge as a front between eastern and western Europe. Today, it has become the ideal country for those who want to witness
population is approximately 4,757,760

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