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There are few things that disturb the peace of the community more welcoming and politically correct of the Scandinavian Peninsula, whose inhabitants, descendants of the Vikings, have had to bury their horns and make their mark in a more civilized. The Danish response was to invent the Lego game, becoming the most reserved member of the European Union, to provide football players of great talent and cheer during the 1996 Tour de France Bjarne Riis fellow, who wore the yellow jersey. His fame continues with its puff pastry, which are the delight of gourmands. Copenhagen, Denmark, toy city, is a trick of persuasion, his clothes always clean, the grunge straight to the edge of the bluff and educated citizens of names such as Jens, Hans and Neils, who elbowed their way. With all the fun that makes this festival of islands, Denmark's reputation of being the country with less risk of bankruptcy deserves congratulations and a toast by the traveler.

In Denmark you can visit cities like Aalborg, Bornholm, Copenhagen or Zealand
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Denmark (in Danish: Danmark (· i) [dænmɑɡ̊], "The land or brand of the Danes") is a sovereign country in northern Europe European Union member. It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries and also less extensive. Officially, the Kingdom of Denmark (Danish: Danmark Kongeriget) is a community composed of three independent parts, Denmark itself and its two overseas territories or dependent territories, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Its capital and largest city is Copenhagen located on the island Sealand. Denmark is part of Scandinavia and has only land border with Germany, but since 1999 is connected by road and rail to Sweden via the Oresund Bridge. Danish territory consists of the peninsula of Jutland (Jylland) and 407 islands of which 79 are inhabited (2009) 2 Denmark is completely surrounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, with the exception of Jutland, which binds the European continent. The main Danish islands are Zealand (Sjælland), Funen (Fyn), Vendsyssel-Thy, Lolland and Bornholm, farthest from the Danish archipelago. This position has been to Denmark, historically, control over access to the Baltic Sea. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy since 1849, when abolishing the absolute monarchy that had ruled the country since 1660, and became a constitutional monarchy in 1901. In terms of permanence, the Danish monarchy can be considered the world's oldest, having existed for at least a millennium. Denmark is part of the European Union (but not using the euro). When the country joined the EEC in 1973 did so without the Faroe Islands, while Greenland chose to secede from the EEC in 1985. He also became a founding member of NATO in 1949, ending the traditional policy of neutrality which had held until then.
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