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Tourist and travel guide of Cuernavaca

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  • Population: 343785

In Cuernavaca you can visit places like Recinto de La Catedral, Plaza de Armas, Jardín Juárez or Cuernavaca
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Cuernavaca is a town, city and capital of the Mexican state of Morelos, Mexico 2, located 85 km south of Mexico City and 290 km north of Acapulco3. According to figures from the Second Census of Population and Housing INEGI (June 12, 2010), the municipality had 365,168 inhabitants. However, the urban area overflows to neighboring municipalities (Jiutepec, Temixco, Xochitepec and Emiliano Zapata), conurbando various locations and forming a metropolitan area of 857 386 inhabitants in the same year, which places it at number 15 ° conurbation Mexico. Cuernavaca is also one of the cities with the highest HDI, ranking at number 7 ° 4 nationally. The city name comes from the Nahuatl word Cuauhnáhuac (k ʷ ː wak awna). The word led to "Cuernavaca" because of euphony in the Spanish pronunciation of the Nahuatl original. The chroniclers of the conquest, as Hernán Cortés, corrupted the sense Cuauhnáhuac not able to pronounce the Nahuatl language. Cortes change the name to Coadnabaced, the chronicler Bernal Diaz calls Coadalbaca; Solis mentioned as Cuautlavaca, and use until it has changed in Cuernavaca.
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