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Despite U.S. efforts, the sun still shines on Cuba, the Caribbean island more extensive and less untouched by tourism, as well as one of the last bastions of communism in the world. The relative political isolation has prevented the influx of tourists and Cubans are really friendly to newcomers, including U.S. travelers enjoy a warm welcome. The Helms-Burton Act has allowed Cuba to find his own place gradually in the post-Soviet world, without accusing the sudden destabilizing shock consumptive tourism. The disappearance of the barriers imposed by the Americans in relation to travel and trade seems to be only a matter of time. Undoubtedly, when the resumption of flights from Miami will come millions of tourists. Clearly, now is the perfect time to visit the island. Cuba is a fairly quiet, even in big cities where most delirious moments occur when an enthusiastic cha rhythm, and the loud sound is emitted by huge old American cars to blow through the streets. If this peace is not enough, the interior of Cuba and its beaches are very quiet destinations, ideal for hikers, swimmers, spelunkers or those who like to smoke a cigar in a splendid palm tree.

In Cuba you can visit cities like Baracoa, Bayamo, Ciego De Ávila or Viñales
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The Republic of Cuba is a country settled on an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, also known as the Caribbean Sea. The main island, known as Isla de Cuba is the largest of the Greater Antilles and has orogenic origin. Also part of the archipelago, Isla de la Juventud and a multitude of small islands or cays surrounding the above, among these keys are: Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Largo, Cayo Jutía, among others. To the north are the U.S. and Bahamas, west Mexico, south of the Cayman Islands and Jamaica and southeast the island of Spanish. Cuba is ranked 51 in the "Human Development Index" prepared by the United Nations Organization (fourth among Latin American countries after Chile, Argentina and Uruguay) .6 In addition, according to the data that the country UN provides, Cuba would be the only country in the world that fulfills both criteria for the WWF, means the existence of sustainable development: high human development (HDI> 0.8) and sustainable ecological footprint (track
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